Personalized Escape Room Props

Spice up the experience with a personalized escape room prop. Unique opportunity to surprise your loved one or friend. The prop will be placed inside the selected escape room to be solved along with the other puzzles. After the game the prop is theirs to keep. Available for Birthdays, HEN/STAG parties, Dates, Proposals and for team building. Price: £18/prop. For more information email us at . Lead time is 72 hours, 3 working days.


Happy Hour

Happy Hour price is £60/ room. Available every Tuesday from 11.30 am – 3 pm. Please purchase a Happy Hour Voucher. Once you have the voucher you may book the desired slot.



2 players discount is available. 25% off !  Use the code:


Only 2 players will be allowed in the escape room! Discounts can’t be combined! Not valid for Happy hour!



15% Discount. Use the code:


The discount is only valid with a Student id! Not valid for Happy hour and for Saturday! All players must be students to receive the discount!