Action Escape Room

action escape room
Number of Players


Difficulty Level (1-6)

6 in expert level: Escape room fanatics

4-5 in intermediate level: Escape room enthusiast, 2 players, have done a few escape rooms

3 in novice level : New to escape rooms. 2 players, families with kids, kids groups

Age Requirement

+18 on expert level

+16 intermediate level if all players are +16 and have played before and an adult must be present.

+12-16 in novice level if all players fall in the age limit. An adult must be present.

+N0 age requirement when family plays the game. Discretion of the parent.

Time Limit

60 minutes

Fear Level

Not Scary


  • Use the code “GroupA” or “GroupB” when booking your slot. (As shown, not case sensitive.)
  • Add on an Exclusive Customized Prop: £18 (14 days lead time) Ideal for Birthday/HEN/STAG/Team Building/Date/Proposal
  • Party Package for 2/3 players: £29/room. (Includes drink/cake)
  • Party Package for 4-6 players): £39/room (Includes drink & cake)
  • Discounts cannot be combined.

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Test your skills!

You’ve been given the task to find the missing star!

The show is set to start in an hour, but the star is nowhere to be found.  The show desperately needs your help.  You have exactly one hour – can you find the missing star?

Take action into your own hands!  British actors and Hollywood movies will navigate you in this action packed escape room.

The show must go on!

New and Unique Feature!

Escape4fun rooms have 3 different levels: Expert, Intermediate and Novice.

  • Default set is Expert for Experienced Puzzlers and Escape Room fans.
  • Intermediate is recommended for groups with 3-4 players. Also if you have done a few escape rooms and you are not new the the game.
  • Novice level is recommended  for new to puzzles and escape rooms, 2 Players, Families with kids, and groups between ages 12-14 with adult supervision.

Party Package: Drinks & Cake & Custom Prop

You can add the Party package to enhance your experience! Hot or Cold drinks and Cake are served after you’ve finished the game! The prop is ideal for Birthday, HEN/STAG, Team building, Proposal or for a Date. You may select the type of cake in advance, and let us know about any special requests such as, Gluten Free, Lactose and Soya milk.

If you wish to come and play on a weekday please cull us on 07470 630 805 to ensure we have availability and can accommodate your booking.