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Action Escape Room

action escape room
Number of Players


Difficulty Level (1-6)

6 in expert mode
3 in novice mode

Age Requirement

+16 in expert mode
+12 in novice mode

Time Limit

60 minutes

Fear Level

Not Scary

Open from 1st of August

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Can You Solve it?

You’ve been given the task to help find and free the missing star!

The show is set to start in an hour, but the star is missing.  We need your help finding the star.  You have one hour – can you solve the mystery?

Take action into your own hands!  British actors and Hollywood movies will navigate you in this action packed escape room.

The show must go on!

New and Unique Feature!

Escape4fun rooms have 2 different levels: Expert and Novice.

  • Default set is Expert for Experienced Puzzlers and Escape Room fans.
  • Novice level is for new to puzzles and Escape rooms, kids 12-14 with adult supervision or smaller groups.

Complementary Drinks and Cake

In addition we invite you for a complimentary soft drink, tea or coffee and cake once you’ve finished the game!

Celebrating a birthday at Escape4fun? We throw in a birthday cake for your group! To receive the offer must show valid proof of birthday. (+-7 days)


  • Peak Time: £96/room | Friday/Saturday/Sunday
  • Off Peak Time: £86/room | Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday
  • Happy Hour: £60/room | Tuesday 12pm–4.30pm (£10pp in case of 6 people!)
  • 2 Person Discount: 25% off. Valid on off peak times only, not valid for Happy Hour. Use the Discount Code “2PERSON“.
  • Discounts cannot be combined. One promotion can be applied to each booking.

If you wish to come play on a weekday please call us to make sure we have availability. Thanks.