ESCAPE4FUN provides real life adventure games in which players are in a room and must use clues and objects they find to solve a mystery or set of puzzles.

Each ESCAPE4FUN game has a 60 minute set time limit to reach a goal or “escape” from the room. Forget your phone, tablet or other gadgets. Admit it – it does feel extraordinary to stay away from your mobile device for an hour. Basically, you are on your own… well, almost (thank goodness your friends and/or colleagues are there with you). You have to make decisions using only your mind. Escape4fun is not your conventional escape venue. A healthy mix of Trivial pursuit type games ( Who Wants to be a millionaire, Cluedo ) along with other types of skill sets that are needed to complete the tasks.

Logic, dexterity, and ingenuity – these are what count. Be quick! The clock is ticking. With adrenaline rushing through your body your nerves are tingling. And just imagine how rewarding it would feel if your team managed to beat time!

Go on a truly unique journey with your friends and teammates to unravel the mysteries set out before you! Work as a team to solve and escape the room! Enjoy a unique adventure while improving your communication and teamwork! Special theme and decoration await you to enhance your experience.

Our venue is perfect for any special occasion, Birthdays, Hen & Stag, Corporate Team Building events or just a fun challenge for you and your  family or friends. It’s basically a 60 min live action movie with you as the star.

Each game requires players to solve challenges in 60 minutes or less.

Why select us?

  • Rare theme, special interior.
  • Flexible pricing. Prices are based on the room and not on the number of players!
  • 3 different game levels to suit your needs. Novice, Intermediate, Expert
  • Complimentary drink & cake after your game (Gluten free cakes are available!)
  • Free Birthday Cake for your party.
  • Every game at Escape4fun is private; no strangers will join you for your reservation.
  • Ability to customize/personalize the escape room. (Team building, Birthday, Hen/Stag, Proposal)
  • Soon our rooms will have other languages as well! (German, French, Spanish, etc…)

New and Unique Feature!

Escape4fun rooms have 3 different levels: Expert, Intermediate and Novice.

  • Default set is Expert for Experienced Puzzlers and Escape Room fans, fanatics. Players who would like a challenge.
  • Intermediate is recommended for players who have done a few escape rooms in the past and have escaped. Escape room enthusiast.
  • Novice level is strongly advised for players who are new to puzzles and escape rooms. We also recommend it for 2 players, Families with kids and groups of 12-16 years old with adult supervision in the room.

The rooms are quite challenging on all levels. The tasks are exactly the same on all levels but the level of difficulty changes.

Complimentary drinks and cake!

In addition we invite you for a complimentary soft drink, tea or coffee and cake once you’ve finished the game!

Celebrating a birthday at Escape4fun? We even throw in a birthday cake for your group!

The ESCAPE4FUN’S mission is to deliver a fun, immersive, compelling, and challenging experience for all adventurers.